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Steampunk Sparrow


This lil’ fella speaks for himself. He pretty much dictated himself into creation. I was just his vessel.

I used everything from vintage sheet music to feathers on this piece. Stencils, pearls, precut trim, hemp cord, watch parts, decorative tape, gold foil, stickers, paints galore, and beeswax.


Here you can see the textures of the wax, foil, gears, and watch parts. This turned out deliciously and smell oh so sweetly of honey with the beeswax on it. Good enough to tweet!

Pumpkin Blossoms


The colors of this ATC are so fun! I just love the fall flowers and the gorgeous greens. The flowers are made from twisted and wrapped crepe paper… with black wire curled and poked in. They were inspired by the recipe I promised for today…

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer

  • 1 can sweetened condensed canned milk
  • 1 1/2 cups almond milk
  • 3 TBS canned pumpkin
  • 1/4 Tsp ground ginger
  • 1/4 Tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 Tsp nutmeg
  • 1/4 Tsp ground cloves
  • 1 Tsp vanilla extract

Put all the ingredients in a blender with the lid on and give it a good whirl. Pour into coffee and drink! YUM. I stored mine in the fridge in a jar. For richer creamer you can use regular milk. I wanted something I didn’t feel horribly guilty about. /wink!



Happy Monday. If Monday “can” be happy. I finished up two mini paintings today and started in on a project that came to mind a few weeks ago. I have one more 4×4″ wooden canvas left and it’s saved for a commission I’ll be working on. I haven’t made a big painting in quite some time and am looking forward to the challenge of bigger projects but that will have to wait till I get some of my other to-do list checked off.

The holiday’s are creeping up on us slowly and I need to think about what I want to make for my family. I’ll have to brain storm! Anybody nave any ideas? I’m thinking some _________ will be happening for some of my nieces. (HAH!… you thought you’d get it out of me didn’t you!) You sneaky sneak sneak! You’ll just have to wait for Christmas to find out!

I’m looking forward to relaxing tonight in front of the TV with my sketch pad and some dinner… American Pickers is on pretty soon and House is on later tonight so I have a great line-up of entertainment to keep me busy. I’ll be back tomorrow to share a Halloween treat with you along with another show and tell of Tammy’s Toys. Have a great evening!



I just got finished this little mermaid. What a fun little 4×4″ creation. I used acrylic paints, colored pencils, micron, and gel pens, along with glitter glue. I dripped crayon wax over it and buffed the wax with a paper towel to make it shine. For bling I used rhinestones, a decorative leaf, glitter-collaging paper. I also used torn colored tissue paper for part of the background layering. All I need to do now is wait for her to dry… yes, I was so excited to post this that the glitter glue is still wet! When she’s dry and I have finished the other four minis I’m working on I’ll get my outside table set up for a varnishing session. Then it’ll be time for the hangers… which reminds me I need to buy more of. =) Since today is shopping day I’ll jot those down on my shopping list. I usually work on at least two paintings at once so that I have something to do while paint dries. The one that’s “nearly” finished is a mini Halloween painting. Think purples, greens, oranges, black and spiders! It’s coming along nicely. I’ll likely have it done by tomorrow so you’ll get a Pre-Halloween treat! Now, off to clean up for a trip to Fred Meyer. Oh… before I go, I have to tell you.. yesterday I put an order in at Dick Blick! I’m finally buying something from my wist list! Stonehenge paper (along with about five other things!) I’m SO excited about blending on butter again! It’s scheduled to arrive on the same day as my physical and the day I get my blood test results so I’ll get to come home to something comforting! You KNOW God planned that perfectly!

Journal Giraffe

Journal Giraffe

I finished this journal entry last night. I then propped it up between our computers and smiled each time I looked at it. I think it’s really sweet. This mini giraffe makes me happy. I used layers and layers of collaging items, from torn paper napkin, stickers, punched flowers, stamped and cut leaves, and more. There are a number of mediums used here including inks, chalks, & acrylics. I was thinking of using some Victorian paper with grapes on it and calling this “The Grapes of Giraffe” but I thought that was a “stretch” (pun intended.) However that may still come to fruition one day. I settled on pink as it’s only natural for me to want a miniature pink giraffe.   Inspiration for this entry comes from a TV commercial of all things. I love this commercial and just have to share it with you! Click ME!
See you tomorrow! Happy Creating.

Childhood Sweetheart

Childhood Friends

This was a “experiment” I bought some collaging paper that’s covered in sock monkeys and after doing my hubs birthday gift sock monkeys have become a very loved source of enjoyment between us. I added a lot of layers of different goodies to this including torn pink tissue paper, black lava ever so sparingly, bright pink epoxy flower stickers, stamped leaves, and pink dots, along with an under layer of blobs of paints. I wanted to see how she would turn out with her dress focal point being the monkey’s uncle! It got a few thumbs up and smile around here so I’m guessing I can give myself an A. Today we’re relaxing at our computers playing games, learning new stuff, playing in my journal and just chatting a bit. We still the air conditioner aimed right at us so we’re keeping cool enough. THANK you GOD! After making ham and eggs with toast for the guys for breakfast I put on some pasta and eggs to cook and make a “Ham & Egg” pasta salad with green onions and homemade ranch dressing and it’s been chilling in the fridge since about noon so come dinner time we’ll have some nice and cold to eat to help keep the “cool” process going. I hope your weekend is as chillin’ as mine has been. I’m feeling rested and ready for the upcoming week of Dr’s appointments. It was more than I can handle so I prayed, handed it over to God and I’m feeling at peace. And there will definitely be a painting somewhere in the near future regarding above statement. See you tomorrow with a pink giraffe. Yep! You read that right.

Squiggles the Snake

Squiggles the Snake

I’ve been playing around making some ATCs while I await my eye appointment. I’ve lost my “attention to detail” and need new glasses. My reading glasses also need replaced. I’m not one who really likes going to the Dr and usually try to put it off until absolutely necessary. Okay.. so now I’ve reached that point. I can’t see as well as I’d like to for painting. I only really noticed it while making this ATC. I won’t tell you why as if I do you’ll instantly see my flaws. =) HEE! Sneaky lil snake that I yam! This funny little guy is made using Micron pens and chalk pencils. He’s truly not quite finished yet and as soon as he is I’ll put my stamp of approval on him… AKA~ my signature. I’ll add the final touches and tweaks when my new glasses come in. Until then, I’ll be doing sketches, concept art,  and works in progress so I don’t go through art withdrawal. I’ll also be cleaning my desk again and doing a bit of living room decorating. I’ll be sure to share so stay tuned… I have another ATC to share with you tomorrow as well. Think ~ ALICE! =)

Felicity Firestorm

♥ Felicity Firestorm ♥

I never know. This started with her expression and went instantly to her hair. I’m a cold weather person. I love weather in the 30s and 40s. When it hits the 70s I’m getting out of my comfort zone. I love rain. I love ice. I’d love Alaska and could very well have been an Eskimo in my former life.  I don’t love heat, and it’s been TOO hot for me this past week! Summer is gorgeous and the flowers are incredible works of art that only God can create, yet physically I find the heat exhausting and draining. It’s like a seasonal hot flash. I get physically ill from weather that is too hot so I’m VERY thankful for the portable AC that the hubs bought last summer, as without it I’d have to live in a bathtub of cold water, (no that’s NOT me… but you can everything on the Internet.) I could have gone so many directions with this journal entry but when I picked up the yellow chalk pencil for her “hair” it was pretty much set in stone where I was going to end up. I only used 2 collaging elements on this journal page. One being her dress and the other is the butterfly at her neck. (Both of which I bought grocery shopping yesterday. I seriously only go for the art isle at Freddie’s.) I created the big leaf rubber stamp using a precut Fun Foam shape and a Jenga block. Jenga blocks are great for gluing precut or custom cut shapes to as they have 2 sides so you have twice as many stamps with 1/2 the storage. I left the background on this entry white on purpose so that when I smudged the green Conte pastel over the green marker swirls it would bleed out into the white. The rest of this page was created with colored pencils, chalks inks, stamps, doodles, and some sparkle. I had fun time with her expression and can see myself using her angst over and over again for oh-so-many topics! Here’s hoping your weekend it’s too heated and it if is…. I hope you find a funtastic way to chill out!

Bunny Hop

♥ Bunny Hop ♥

This is a bunny with attitude. She’s just daring you to even think of taking her carrot. I did the off-centered head on purpose just to see what it would look like and I think it’s rather cute. She’s got the cutest droopiest ears and a love for hopping around her garden. This journal entry is layers of love and fun. I started this by taking some bright pink tissue paper, wadding it up into a ball and then semi smoothing it out. I then adhered it with Mod Podge. I toned down the pink with a water/gesso wash and used a paper towel to pick up the extra unwanted medium. Then it was time for fun! I started the sketch and as always what comes from my pencil is almost always spontaneous. Using acrylic paints with glaze and finishing off the shading with watercolor pencils I had the base of her face done. I added micron pen and charcoal to complete it. She’s suited up in her daily hopping attire which is simply washed on layers of white paint. She stands in a garden of tulips which came from a decorative paper napkin. Extra flowers and leaves were stamped around to give extra garden detail. She’s got a mound of dirt with a carrot nearly ready for pulling and she holds her lunch in her hand. I have to say I really like the whimsical feel of this journal entry. I like her attitude and I really liked trying something different with her. Let me know what you think. Today is grocery day and it’s going to be hot out so I want to get going before it’s too hot! I’ll be back tomorrow for a TGIF show-and-tell!

Green Gift Greets!

I was just playing around with materials on my desk while waiting for paint to dry this past week and decided to do something with these square cards I bought oh so many years ago. I sponged the edges, stuck each with a leaf sticker, and cut some circles from fabric and papers and glued them all together… I punched some wee little holes on the opposite side and strung some jute through them and tada! Gift tags! Super easy, super quick and the impact is powerful with the vivid colors. I’ll be putting these and several more of my creations up on my Etsy this coming week so be sure to stop by and see what’s new in the shop! I hope your Sunday is also a Funday and that you have some time for creating, or movies, or whatever it is that makes you smile! See you back here tomorrow with one mess or another. Happy Day!