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Playing with Paint


I picked up a gorgeous new nail polish to brighten my mood. I’ve fallen in love with the new spring/summer pastels that are out. They make your nails look so happy. I bought a pretty pink, two different shades of pastel yellow and this unbelievable blue. I love Sally Hansen nail polishes. They always wear well and have awesome color! Plus I’m a gi-normeous fan of the pro brushes they have in these Insta-Dri bottles. It makes for a flawlessly fast manicure.

Today I’m working some more on a bird painting that has a life of it’s own. It’s taking me on a path that I hadn’t intended when I started it. I guess that’s why I don’t normally “plan” art. So it’s time to put my hiking boots on and let this bird take me on a hike.

Paint with passion!

Glam girl


Just a post on face art supplies today. I’ve been needing a few new toys to play with on my face so I bought this blush and bronzer/blush from Hard Candy. I also picked up a few lip treats and polishes. These insta-dry polish by Sally Hanson rock! They really dry instantly. And of course more nail/cuticle cream.


This is my birthday present to myself. I bought all of this for just over $20 from E.F.L. and their mega black Friday sale online. I’m pretty well set on makeup now. I have all the needs and some of the wants. This should last a good long while. My makeup basket is getting near to full.

Today I’m working on the last painting for the commission I’ve been working on. Paint, let paint dry, paint some more… rinse and repeat.

I’ll share a picture when I’m done… for now I’m off to gather the perfect twig to make a miniature fishing pole!

For The Cure


Git r’ Done! Lets find that cure! Using EKG strip paper I layered it on the the ATC card and used a red glitter paint to add pizzazz. I used cheesecloth to wrap the body after painting it flesh tone. I added a Band-Aid and the Rx stickers as well as the For the Cure text. I finished it by sponging the edges of the body with black ink. Day 22 Done!

As promised I have just a few things I picked up at Walmart that I thought I’d share.


Lipsticks and eyeliners… along with a champagne colored eye shadow pencil. The pencils are copper and slate grey. I have green eyes with gold flecks so my eyes sometimes appear brown… this gives me some flexibility and expands my palette for eye makeup shades.


For Halloween! This is going to be fun. I’m probably the only nail lover out there that has yet to try the crackle polishes… but with the green! Oh my gosh… This is a wonderful trick or treat surprise for myself. Nail Candy!

Drop by tomorrow to keep up with my BCA Month series. We’re down to the singe digits now.