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Bachelorette Buttons


I was partially finished with my buttons collage when I thought the flowers would need to pop more from a distance so I added some black lava, some of Martha Stewarts beadz, and some gold foiling.


Now I’m much happier with it. I’m loving the colors and the shabbiness. It’s the perfect girly accents to add to my gallery wall.

Today I’m playing with a board I’ve had stashed in my art supply closet for years…


My background so far consists of vintage text pages, glimmer mist in Viva Pink, and torn and crumpled decorative paper napkins in pale turquoise print. LOVE this! I’m going circles on this piece. More tomorrow on the progress of this super fun painting.

Plum Press

Plum Press
Extra ~ Extra! Read all about it! Sticking with a palette of black, gray and purples I managed to find enough collaging and background elements to get this painting done the way I wanted it. I simply did a gray wash over the background and started layering items of interest. From rubber-stamps, collaged lavender napkins, black lava texture, dripped pearlized crayons, and glued on mini lavender rhinestones. I purposely dressed her in text trimmed garments. with rhinestone and feather accents. She actually is bit more purple than this photo shows but such is uploading. =) With lavender eye shadow she’s ready to head off to her next super scoop story.  She’s on a serious news story so be ready for a news flash soon! I always have a fun time with all the paintings I do.. but behind the scenes you’re missing another kind of art that I’m sharing now:

This is the palette I’ve been using for well over a month. It’s simply a meat tray from buying steak/pork chops/cubed steaks/etc! By the end of six months this will be a plethora of colors that bleed together and make an art piece of their own. One color covers another and so on forever! This is the current look from the last seven paintings I’ve done. I really love when the colors start to bleed together as you can see with the green and black at the bottom right. Six more paintings and I’ll have an even FORTY 4×4″ hanging paintings… not to mention the ones I used fun fibers to hang. I’ll be getting these ready asap to varnish and add to my Etsy as the Holiday season is up and coming soon and I have SO much to finish creating and share. I do have to say that I’ve had fun so far with what I’m creating and I’m thankful that creativity is something that no-one can take away! It truly is a gift from GOD! … God… Thank you!



I‘ve been working on another set of five 4×4″ mini paintings to put on Etsy and take downtown. I’ve made nearly 40 since I’ve been back at painting after my respite from my ankle recuperation. I’m off today again to the specialist for another appointment. I can hobble pretty well with my shoes on, but barefoot is another story. I’m concerned about the cost of another surgery and the whole process of knowing what I’d have to go through again. I’ll be praying on it. This little sweet pea is covered in the golden glory of God. Who else can create flowers of gold? The collage paper I used for her dress is from a bar of soap given out at Christmas time by a local health food store as a gift. I thought the paper was so pretty and smelled SO good that I had to add it to the painting. The painting grew from their. I used stencils, rub ons, mini stickers, black lava texture, gold leafing, I even used fabric paints. I’ll be back to creating after my Dr’s appointment today. And yes, the AC is going strong, it’s going to be another hot day, oh how I miss the rain! Today’s 2sday again and that means Toy Time! This week’s show-&-tell is a family favorite and always brings a smile or laugh. It’s my Pig Nose! Just looking at the picture of it here makes me giggle. Until tomorrow.. keep your nose clean!

Tammy’s Toys

Journal Giraffe

Journal Giraffe

I finished this journal entry last night. I then propped it up between our computers and smiled each time I looked at it. I think it’s really sweet. This mini giraffe makes me happy. I used layers and layers of collaging items, from torn paper napkin, stickers, punched flowers, stamped and cut leaves, and more. There are a number of mediums used here including inks, chalks, & acrylics. I was thinking of using some Victorian paper with grapes on it and calling this “The Grapes of Giraffe” but I thought that was a “stretch” (pun intended.) However that may still come to fruition one day. I settled on pink as it’s only natural for me to want a miniature pink giraffe.   Inspiration for this entry comes from a TV commercial of all things. I love this commercial and just have to share it with you! Click ME!
See you tomorrow! Happy Creating.

Childhood Sweetheart

Childhood Friends

This was a “experiment” I bought some collaging paper that’s covered in sock monkeys and after doing my hubs birthday gift sock monkeys have become a very loved source of enjoyment between us. I added a lot of layers of different goodies to this including torn pink tissue paper, black lava ever so sparingly, bright pink epoxy flower stickers, stamped leaves, and pink dots, along with an under layer of blobs of paints. I wanted to see how she would turn out with her dress focal point being the monkey’s uncle! It got a few thumbs up and smile around here so I’m guessing I can give myself an A. Today we’re relaxing at our computers playing games, learning new stuff, playing in my journal and just chatting a bit. We still the air conditioner aimed right at us so we’re keeping cool enough. THANK you GOD! After making ham and eggs with toast for the guys for breakfast I put on some pasta and eggs to cook and make a “Ham & Egg” pasta salad with green onions and homemade ranch dressing and it’s been chilling in the fridge since about noon so come dinner time we’ll have some nice and cold to eat to help keep the “cool” process going. I hope your weekend is as chillin’ as mine has been. I’m feeling rested and ready for the upcoming week of Dr’s appointments. It was more than I can handle so I prayed, handed it over to God and I’m feeling at peace. And there will definitely be a painting somewhere in the near future regarding above statement. See you tomorrow with a pink giraffe. Yep! You read that right.

Check Mate

Check Mate

I’ve had this sitting on my desk half finished for well over a week. Today it called to me. I had planned to use black, white, & red. But before I started in with the red I set it aside and worked on some ATCs. I looked up and there was a bottle of turquoise paint sitting right next to it and it hit me. I HAD to use it, and I’m very happy I did. It’s got pizazz! I used my usual plethora of paints and pretties while creating this mini 4×4″ eye candy. I had planned to play with my bee drawing today but this hollered at me and I think the bee will bee-gin tomorrow. The weather is sweltering hot so we aimed the air conditioner to where we’re sitting so it makes it nice and cool to create and hubs can game online with a cool breeze at his back. That about wraps it up of now, I have another mini 4×4 that pestered me for attention so I’m playing her some overdue TLC and THEN the bee! Let the games Bee-gin! See you hopefully tomorrow.

Golden Rose

♥ Golden Rose ♥

Another ATC fresh from the worlds tiniest easel.I made this ATC with the help of plenty of eye drops given to me by the Dr. (given meaning… that’ll be $12.00 please.) This ATC is for the Week 8 challenge at Eraser Queens challenge blog. I couldn’t wait to do this challenge as I’m a real sucker for anything PINK! But if you frequent my blog you know my passion for pink. The challenge was to use the colors Rose, White, and Gold. I think I pulled it off rather well. And now my eyes are exhausted. The Dr. found a few clouds in the photos of my right eye so I had to make an appointment upon his insistence with my family Dr. I have to wait for the papers for my blood panel to show up before I can do that. Then I go to my Dr. on the 31st of August. This year has been a non-stop trip to one doctor or another. Then I have to go back to my eye Dr in 3 months for a check on my dry eyes. He said they were the driest eyes he’d ever seen, which by no means surprises me as they constantly feel like sand paper.  My ankle Dr moved my appointment from this Friday to next Tuesday so I have that to “look forward to” /sigh. My calendar is now booked through November with one appointment or another with Dr visits. Not to mention follow up appointment to find out what’s causing the clouds in my eyes. I hope you’re clear eyed and focused! Until tomorrow.. I’m off to rest my eyes with a cold cloth laid over them for a few. Have a great hump day! And EAT your carrots!

Alice … Alice!

♥ Alice … Alice ♥

Playing with more ATCs. Who can resist Alice. I’ve watched Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland four times now… and each time I do I see something new. I love the graphics in the movie and the costumes! I also adore the humor of Johnny Depp at The Hatter. I love, love, love his hat in this movie and put atop Alice’s head on this ATC. This piece is done mostly with pastel pencils, collaging elements, and micron pens. I used a bit of acrylic paints, liquid appliqué, and sparkle glaze. She turned out rather sweet. I’ll be putting some of my ATCs in my Etsy store this week. I’m very anxious to get my new glasses and have been shopping for frames at Zinni Optical I have several I’ve decided on and will probably get more then one pair. This is a great way to get affordable glasses. Just make sure you don’t start adding tons of expensive coatings and such from the drop down menu. =) It’s 2sday again, and time for Show-&-Tell. So here’s what I pulled out of the toy box this morning.

Tammy’s Toys

Another fun item. I got this in a bag of “goodies” and just love the tin! Looking at it now I’m thinking it would be quite a fun thing to turn into a painting. The colors are great. These are a great calorie free snack too! Just don’t swallow the splinters. They make me think of the cinnamon toothpicks we had as kids. I sure do miss those. Well, time to get back to being busy.. I’ll be back tomorrow, I hope to see you here.

Felicity Firestorm

♥ Felicity Firestorm ♥

I never know. This started with her expression and went instantly to her hair. I’m a cold weather person. I love weather in the 30s and 40s. When it hits the 70s I’m getting out of my comfort zone. I love rain. I love ice. I’d love Alaska and could very well have been an Eskimo in my former life.  I don’t love heat, and it’s been TOO hot for me this past week! Summer is gorgeous and the flowers are incredible works of art that only God can create, yet physically I find the heat exhausting and draining. It’s like a seasonal hot flash. I get physically ill from weather that is too hot so I’m VERY thankful for the portable AC that the hubs bought last summer, as without it I’d have to live in a bathtub of cold water, (no that’s NOT me… but you can everything on the Internet.) I could have gone so many directions with this journal entry but when I picked up the yellow chalk pencil for her “hair” it was pretty much set in stone where I was going to end up. I only used 2 collaging elements on this journal page. One being her dress and the other is the butterfly at her neck. (Both of which I bought grocery shopping yesterday. I seriously only go for the art isle at Freddie’s.) I created the big leaf rubber stamp using a precut Fun Foam shape and a Jenga block. Jenga blocks are great for gluing precut or custom cut shapes to as they have 2 sides so you have twice as many stamps with 1/2 the storage. I left the background on this entry white on purpose so that when I smudged the green Conte pastel over the green marker swirls it would bleed out into the white. The rest of this page was created with colored pencils, chalks inks, stamps, doodles, and some sparkle. I had fun time with her expression and can see myself using her angst over and over again for oh-so-many topics! Here’s hoping your weekend it’s too heated and it if is…. I hope you find a funtastic way to chill out!

Bunny Hop

♥ Bunny Hop ♥

This is a bunny with attitude. She’s just daring you to even think of taking her carrot. I did the off-centered head on purpose just to see what it would look like and I think it’s rather cute. She’s got the cutest droopiest ears and a love for hopping around her garden. This journal entry is layers of love and fun. I started this by taking some bright pink tissue paper, wadding it up into a ball and then semi smoothing it out. I then adhered it with Mod Podge. I toned down the pink with a water/gesso wash and used a paper towel to pick up the extra unwanted medium. Then it was time for fun! I started the sketch and as always what comes from my pencil is almost always spontaneous. Using acrylic paints with glaze and finishing off the shading with watercolor pencils I had the base of her face done. I added micron pen and charcoal to complete it. She’s suited up in her daily hopping attire which is simply washed on layers of white paint. She stands in a garden of tulips which came from a decorative paper napkin. Extra flowers and leaves were stamped around to give extra garden detail. She’s got a mound of dirt with a carrot nearly ready for pulling and she holds her lunch in her hand. I have to say I really like the whimsical feel of this journal entry. I like her attitude and I really liked trying something different with her. Let me know what you think. Today is grocery day and it’s going to be hot out so I want to get going before it’s too hot! I’ll be back tomorrow for a TGIF show-and-tell!