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I just got finished this little mermaid. What a fun little 4×4″ creation. I used acrylic paints, colored pencils, micron, and gel pens, along with glitter glue. I dripped crayon wax over it and buffed the wax with a paper towel to make it shine. For bling I used rhinestones, a decorative leaf, glitter-collaging paper. I also used torn colored tissue paper for part of the background layering. All I need to do now is wait for her to dry… yes, I was so excited to post this that the glitter glue is still wet! When she’s dry and I have finished the other four minis I’m working on I’ll get my outside table set up for a varnishing session. Then it’ll be time for the hangers… which reminds me I need to buy more of. =) Since today is shopping day I’ll jot those down on my shopping list. I usually work on at least two paintings at once so that I have something to do while paint dries. The one that’s “nearly” finished is a mini Halloween painting. Think purples, greens, oranges, black and spiders! It’s coming along nicely. I’ll likely have it done by tomorrow so you’ll get a Pre-Halloween treat! Now, off to clean up for a trip to Fred Meyer. Oh… before I go, I have to tell you.. yesterday I put an order in at Dick Blick! I’m finally buying something from my wist list! Stonehenge paper (along with about five other things!) I’m SO excited about blending on butter again! It’s scheduled to arrive on the same day as my physical and the day I get my blood test results so I’ll get to come home to something comforting! You KNOW God planned that perfectly!

Yar Matey!

For the most part I’ve completed my pirate. All I need to do now is touch up her hair, varnish her, and add some rhinestones gems to the booty she’s standing on. I had so much fun with her I’ll probably paint another one in the future.

There are a ton of differnt mediums used for this painting which made it so much fun. I got to get my fingers sticky with Beedz, Gold Leafing, rubberstamps, inks, gel pens, paints, ~ both acrylic and watercolor ~ embossing powder, modeling paste, glass bead gel medium, mica poweders, sponging, puffy glittering fabric paint and collaging papers. The list is endless, which is why mixed media painting so much fun. The amount of different things you can find for adding to painting are endless and it’s fun to stretch yourself and challenge yourself to explore as many as you can find! (And to dream up your own.) ~ The flu is still hanging on, but the threads of it get a wee bit weaker by the day. Lots of rest and OJ, Ricola, and Nyquil, and sadly still, lots of coughing. I’ve started on my Eve painting and am looking forward to adding layers to it today. I hope to be more frequent with my posting this week since the flu is on the way out the door, even if I have to kick it out with my high “heals…”