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Happy October

Happy October!

I wanted to share a link today. If you remember back just about before summer started I made a painting for Enzo who had a wish to swim with the dolphins. Well… I’m happy to report that his wish came true and last month he… well… I’ll let his mom tell the story… click here.

She was sweet enough to post the painting I sent Enzo as well. It’s a heartwarming story. I encourage you to add a smile and some tenderness to your day and head over and read it.

With the weather changing I’m turning my gardening focus indoors and tending to my house plants. This is one I picked up at Home Depot over the summer. I love the colors…. very pretty

I’ll be back tomorrow for Psalm Sunday.



This is my fifth in the Autumn Owl series of ACEOs that I’ll be listing on Etsy tomorrow. Next I think I’ll play with a larger owl painting that’s been brewing in my head. I’m also finishing up this….

The painting under the owl is coming along nicely. It’s now pinks, reds and black… and white. I have more to do on it today but also need to hit the grocery today so I have limited time today. I’m also working on a series of small paintings that I plan to make prints for for Christmas postcards and such. Something to celebrate the upcoming holidays. I “should” have done this in July but it seems I’m always behind schedule.

My desk is a Hazmat zone right now so I have to run and suit up so I can get it cleaned up before heading out for my weekly shopping trip.

See you back here tomorrow for more mayhem and madness!

Swinging in the Breeze

I know… ATCs right! They are more than just an addiction. They can become a way of life. What I really love about them is their versatility. You can can do ANYTHING on them. This is a little painted doodle that I thought would be fun to send summer off with a smile. It holds promise for next years green shoots on the trees and opens the door for autumn to make a grand entrance… also.. since this was done yesterday it celebrated our massive wind storm. The last traces of summer truly did get blown away yesterday.

Now we open the door for fall. Tomorrow you’ll see one of the things that I think of when fall begins to approach, but for today… yep, it’s 2sday again and I have a brand new toy from my parents. It’s a bit of humorous eye candy to make you smile.

♥ Tuesday’s Toys ♥

What a gardenista right! …Eggactly!

All Legs

Number two in my fall series of owl ACEOs. I layered a bit with decorative napkins that I’ve been buying and storing regularly. The majority of the circles are from the napkin and the rest are from rubber-stamping a circle with acrylic paints. I did a faint purple wash for the background and sponged the edges with black ink. I added a couple of layers of sparkle glaze to the larger circles to add some depth and texture to the card.

He’s just a fun guy hanging out waiting for nightfall so he can head off hunting. Owls can be an intriguing bird if you get the opportunity to see them. My great grandpa had a barn owl in his old barn. He ran a dairy farm for years and my grandpa (his son) delivered the milk in glass bottles to doorsteps all over the county. Oh for the days of such wonderful customer service. If my grandpa hadn’t been delivering milk he never would have met my grandma and I wouldn’t be here. So I’ll Owl-ways be thankful for that dairy farm.