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Plum Press

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Plum Press
Extra ~ Extra! Read all about it! Sticking with a palette of black, gray and purples I managed to find enough collaging and background elements to get this painting done the way I wanted it. I simply did a gray wash over the background and started layering items of interest. From rubber-stamps, collaged lavender napkins, black lava texture, dripped pearlized crayons, and glued on mini lavender rhinestones. I purposely dressed her in text trimmed garments. with rhinestone and feather accents. She actually is bit more purple than this photo shows but such is uploading. =) With lavender eye shadow she’s ready to head off to her next super scoop story.  She’s on a serious news story so be ready for a news flash soon! I always have a fun time with all the paintings I do.. but behind the scenes you’re missing another kind of art that I’m sharing now:

This is the palette I’ve been using for well over a month. It’s simply a meat tray from buying steak/pork chops/cubed steaks/etc! By the end of six months this will be a plethora of colors that bleed together and make an art piece of their own. One color covers another and so on forever! This is the current look from the last seven paintings I’ve done. I really love when the colors start to bleed together as you can see with the green and black at the bottom right. Six more paintings and I’ll have an even FORTY 4×4″ hanging paintings… not to mention the ones I used fun fibers to hang. I’ll be getting these ready asap to varnish and add to my Etsy as the Holiday season is up and coming soon and I have SO much to finish creating and share. I do have to say that I’ve had fun so far with what I’m creating and I’m thankful that creativity is something that no-one can take away! It truly is a gift from GOD! … God… Thank you!