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Finally… the second commission is done. This was so much fun. It’s got layer upon layer of love. Using gesso board I started by using crumpled tissue and then washing it with color. after I had the sky and the ground defined I added texture to the background with crackle medium, flocking material, black lava, and more. I used a brick patterned stencil for the foreground and used texture flakes on the bricks. I painted them with 2 shades of red and sponged some black in to finish them off. I used acrylic fibers for the grass and some jute for the flowers, topping them with pearl embellishments and mini beads. The houses are made from wooden shapes covered with a variety of collaging paper and topped with window dressing. I added butterflies and applied sparkle glaze over the top of them and then used mini Scrabble tiles to complete the painting.

I had great fun with this and hope that the recipient enjoys it for years to come.

Crayzee Colorful!


I love crayons… that’s simply the only reason for this ATC. The color, the smell, the memories, and oh the possibilities… Like everything in life. It’s all about attitude, ideas, and what we put our mind to! Like finding a cure for breast cancer… and making childlike posters in support of the effort. Amen sisters!

I did my shopping today and again hit Walmart… nothing exciting to report this week, unless you count L’OREAL BB Cream. I bought my first one after several months of struggling with a foundation as thick as plaster. Even though I managed to figure out a few techniques to work with the foundation… I truly think it’s application success depends on the humidity in the air. Bleh…. so tomorrow I’m going to try this new beauty product and I’ll give you my feedback.

Also… I picked up a few things in the sample isle… one of my favorite places for a chance to try new products for a largely reduced price. Today’s find is St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub. I used this stuff epochs and eons ago and thought… why not. I’ll try it again.. especially when it’s practically free.

The rest is super boring and mundane but very needed… I will tell you that there truly is NO substitute for THIS product though…

That’s it for today… Tomorrow starts the countdown on ONE hand of how many days are left in my BCA Month series… so remember to check it out.

Have a great Friday night and have one for me!

Beauties of Bangalore


If you love bling you’re got to love today’s entry in my BCA Month series. Red, gold, black, and bling! LOVE it. I used everything I could get my hands on. The card itself is covered in a gold foil candy wrapper. You can get packs of them in the baking/candy isle in craft and variety stores. (They come in lots of colors as well!)

The body is cut from the inside of a Yogi Tea box. It looks just like the Henna tattoos that the women of India are famous for. Truly beautiful and artful. I would love to try that form of art.

Next I dug through my boxes of embellishments and found all these delish goodies. Enjoy the shimmers and I’ll see you tomorrow from something from the opposite side of the creative box.

For The Cure


Git r’ Done! Lets find that cure! Using EKG strip paper I layered it on the the ATC card and used a red glitter paint to add pizzazz. I used cheesecloth to wrap the body after painting it flesh tone. I added a Band-Aid and the Rx stickers as well as the For the Cure text. I finished it by sponging the edges of the body with black ink. Day 22 Done!

As promised I have just a few things I picked up at Walmart that I thought I’d share.


Lipsticks and eyeliners… along with a champagne colored eye shadow pencil. The pencils are copper and slate grey. I have green eyes with gold flecks so my eyes sometimes appear brown… this gives me some flexibility and expands my palette for eye makeup shades.


For Halloween! This is going to be fun. I’m probably the only nail lover out there that has yet to try the crackle polishes… but with the green! Oh my gosh… This is a wonderful trick or treat surprise for myself. Nail Candy!

Drop by tomorrow to keep up with my BCA Month series. We’re down to the singe digits now.

Jenga Vampires


This is my son’s version of grocery day Jenga. I had to grab my camera and snap a picture because I thought it was a hilarious way to make fun and games out of unpacking the grocery bags. It’s towering infoodhno. Yeah… you don’t have to tell me how bad that play on words was. I can hear the groans from here. Winking smile

Moving right along… lets get back to BCA Month. Today is quite fun. Inspired by the twilight movies I made this…


This one is simple yet stunning. I used a white illustration board ATC and dripped red acrylic paint from the top. Then I cut the body from black glitter paper and dripped more red paint. After adhering the body to the background I used black jute and strung the vampire teeth beads glued them in place and they are ready to take a bite out of breast cancer!

Shake your booty


Oh my gosh this was so fun! I started with a precut Kraft ATC and used some decade+ old twisted craft paper with this awesome bandana print. I glued it to a precut dressmaker cardboard shape I’d made and let it dry. I added the fibers and cut the cowboy boots from leather looking paper. The spurs are actually tiny clockworks that I bought in an assorted packet.  I painted the soles of the boots and the cross strap to add a bit of detail and finished this off with some black texture on the background.

I love the western look this has. I screams wild west. I’ve been diligently working on ATCs for the rest of the months posts and have a few in advance now for the weekend. I like to be a bit ahead so I can get them photographed during daylight hours.

I’ll be back tomorrow with one of my personal favorites to share so come back soon for more mini art in my recognition of BCA Month!

Back on Track

Back on Track

I hate sad news. I hate watching my parents age. I hate seeing their friends health start to fail, people I’ve known all my life. And so this painting came to be. I got news that one of my parents dearest friends had a heart attack and was in the hospital. Immediately I wanted to do “something” for them. I asked, what is he into, what does he like? Mom mentioned that he had a miniature train track set up in their living room and the light bulb came on. I instantly knew exactly what I was going to do and here it is completed. This is the third time this year that I’ve gotten similar news… not counting my mom breaking her ankle. Each time I’ve had art already made that “fit” them. This time was the first that the healing process of hearing the news helped me deal with it. It’s getting varnished as I type… (between coats drying…)

If your into creating and making wonderfully beautiful things… give some away! Don’t try to sell each and every creation. You will bring so much joy to someone and make them feel SO special. I’ve heard time and time again that when your are giving… your hand is out to receive. Don’t give for the soul purpose of receiving though. Give for the joy of giving. Even if it’s as simple as a smile, a hug, or a helping hand. We all have so much more than we think we do. Try giving something… as small as it may be… to someone and see how it makes your heart soar!  Happy TGIF and God Bless!

Recycled Journal Page


This journal entry started when I was cleaning up from my “I Need Chocolate” painting. I had finished painting the back of the wood panel with Berry Wine and had quite a bit of paint left on my makeshift palette. Rather than let it go to waste I decided to grab a paper towel. I noticed it had a decorative edge which made me smile as I knew I could emphasize it. I laid the towel flat on my desk and sprayed it with a misting of water. Then I started dabbing on the left over Berry paint. Alternating the paint with spraying more water on the towel the paint started to bleed really nicely. Once the paint was all used up and the towel was “pretty” I dabbed the towel with a cloth towel to soak up excess moisture. When it was dry enough to handle I glued the paper towel down in my art journal and let it dry. I used Stabilo markers on the preexisting decorative edge of the towel and brightened the colors to make them ‘P0P’ I used yellow paint to add the dots to the flowers along with the colors on the towel the yellow changed colors accordingly so it turned out very nice. I used a stencil sponge and black rubber stamping ink to stencil the word “Life.” Next comes the fun part… writing down whatever words popped into my head that related to life. The page has a nice “fabric” type feel to it and it’s soft to touch. I’m happy with how it turned out. =) Happy Hump Day! I hope your creative juices are flowing like a river! I’d love to know what you’re up to so leave me a comment and let me know! I’d LOVE to hear from you.

I Have Your Heart

I Have Your Heart

This sassy little heart is created from a recycled shipping envelope. I had not idea that you could get such awesome envies until I got this one in the mail. Of course I saved it and put it in my recycle drawer. Yesterday while playing I had glued down the heart paper as a background for my journal entry and then I started digging through my “green” drawer and rediscovered this envelope! I knew right then how this journal entry would play out. I used the back side of the envelope, so thankfully I still have a full side to play with. The flowers are cut from the envie as are the leaves. I used gel pen on the edges and my aqua brush to blend a bit. The red hearts are stenciled on using a stencil sponge with rubber stamping ink, and the blue hearts are rubber-stamped. It was really an easy peazy piece of pie! Which reminds me I’m going to make banana bread today! And if I need to whisk my eggs I’ll be using one of Tammy’s Toys! Yep! It’s 2sday again and time for Show & Tell. Here’s this weeks:

Tammy’s Toys Tuesday

See you back tomorrow so I can share some more creativity with you! My comments section has been fixed so if you’d like to leave a comment I will love you all forever!

I Need Chocolate

I Need Chocolate

You’ve had those days when nothing will satisfy you like a big chunk of chocolate just like me I bet. There’s something medicinal and soothing about chocolate. It’s one of God’s magic remedies. It’s tastes awesome, is actually good for you and it’s sooths the savage beasties in all of us.  This painting expresses just how much this gal needs her chocolate fix! Thankfully she’s got a big bar ready for unwrapping. This started with layers of cream and red, then I added a wine berry color wash and started layering in colors that would go well with the paper I had chosen for her dress. Of course we had to put some brown in here as after all… chocolate is the deepest of browns. I used gold metallic paper to punch some hearts from to layer over stenciled brown hearts. I used gold leaf to make the piece more cohesive with the use of the gold hearts and the gold wrapper in her candy bar. The edges are dabbed with a rich and thick gold paint that helps to add extra texture and richness. Now, If you’ll excuse me… I hear some chocolate calling me from the kitchen!