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You may wonder where I’ve been lately. Me too! I’ve been under the weather for quite some time and finally went to the doctor to find out what the haps is with my body. I’ve been having crazy symptoms… everything from dizziness to severe pain in my neck, shoulders, legs, and twitching in my toes. I’m always cold and I can’t concentrate to save my life. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I went to the doc for my physical that I missed last year and told the doc about my symptoms,  my blood work came back fine, my mammogram and pap smear where all good.. next we did an MRI on my head. It came back clear as well. So we tried something for dizziness… a week later I’m back at the docs feeling even worse.  By then my toes were twitching and my feet were blue. So next stop is a Neurologist. You know how the medical field is… Hurry up and wait. I set my appointment and it gets moved to the following week as the doctor gets the flu. So waiting, wait, wait,

Finally last week I saw the neuro doc and he does all the usual physical tests on my to see if my muscles are working correctly with my nerves and my brain. I passed this test. Next… more blood work.

I have impossible veins for some reason. I have been poked so many times and they can’t seem to find a way in. So I always request a butterfly needle in my hand. It’s easier for everyone in the long run and I walk out with less bruises.  They ended up using both hands last Friday as after one hand gave a tube of blood it called it quits. I now have nice big round bruises on the fronts of both of my hands. At least I match!

Now I’m waiting for a call from the doc… and I’m feeling worse. I ache all over. I can’t tolerate the cold, I’m turning blue and white from it. I think they think it’s rheumatoid arthritis with Raynaud’s disease, but I think it’s hypothyroidism with Raynaud’s disease.

As usual when going to a doctor, when you have a history of depression and panic/anxiety they tend to write off symptoms that might be related to the following as … “all in your head”… but I know my body… and I know I’m sick.

If you’re a praying person I’d appreciate if you send one up on my behalf for a swift diagnosis so I can get on the mend asap!

Thanks for listening… I’ll be back tomorrow with the final commission piece I finally finished! Thank God for the extended deadline on this project!