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Standing Tall


You know those long boards that are great for putting hooks on? This is one of those. I turned it into wall art. I’m in love with how this turned out. The DH likes it too. He’s tempted to hang it in the living room. Luckily it’s too small for any of the walls he’s tried it on so I’m keeping this puppy brother for my bedroom gallery wall.

I started by painting the board black around the edges and adding vintage text pages for my background base. Then I did this…


Paints, decorative napkin and Glimmer Mist.


The pink flower center is actually colored hot glue. I used texture mediums to help build the flowers. Inside the center is Black Lava texture… and the white around the center is white opaque flakes… both mediums are from Liquitex. I opted not to use the pewter beads in the very center, add added jute stems with a few glass beads instead.

For adding a soft bit of color on this piece instead of using paints I used pastels.

Whatcha think?

Bachelorette Buttons


I was partially finished with my buttons collage when I thought the flowers would need to pop more from a distance so I added some black lava, some of Martha Stewarts beadz, and some gold foiling.


Now I’m much happier with it. I’m loving the colors and the shabbiness. It’s the perfect girly accents to add to my gallery wall.

Today I’m playing with a board I’ve had stashed in my art supply closet for years…


My background so far consists of vintage text pages, glimmer mist in Viva Pink, and torn and crumpled decorative paper napkins in pale turquoise print. LOVE this! I’m going circles on this piece. More tomorrow on the progress of this super fun painting.

Sew Simplicity


From paper flowers to lace and ribbons. This 20 x 16 canvas is a work in progress that I plan to hang on my bedroom gallery wall. I love the shabby chic look of the torn tissue and the blotchy paint in the background. I used a vintage pattern for the dress form and recycled a plethora of lace and trim that I sponged with coordinating colors. Not all of this is adhered as of yet but I wanted to share the layout idea. The tassel string will need to be ironed out a bit and I have some wee little bobbins that I’ve wrapped with coordinating ribbons to add to the sewing pile. I just adore dress forms as you might be able to tell from my tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness last October.

Any ideas on what it might need? Let me know what you think. I’m excited about how this larger canvas is coming together…

Check Mate

Check Mate

I’ve had this sitting on my desk half finished for well over a week. Today it called to me. I had planned to use black, white, & red. But before I started in with the red I set it aside and worked on some ATCs. I looked up and there was a bottle of turquoise paint sitting right next to it and it hit me. I HAD to use it, and I’m very happy I did. It’s got pizazz! I used my usual plethora of paints and pretties while creating this mini 4×4″ eye candy. I had planned to play with my bee drawing today but this hollered at me and I think the bee will bee-gin tomorrow. The weather is sweltering hot so we aimed the air conditioner to where we’re sitting so it makes it nice and cool to create and hubs can game online with a cool breeze at his back. That about wraps it up of now, I have another mini 4×4 that pestered me for attention so I’m playing her some overdue TLC and THEN the bee! Let the games Bee-gin! See you hopefully tomorrow.

I’m Finnish

♥ I’m Finnish ♥

This is the first time I’ve done a “nude” but I thought since she was a mermaid that it was acceptable. She’s got quiet the hair do. I named her “I’m Finnish” as a play on words and also for the fact that I’m 1/4 Finn.  I did this ATC for the challenge at EraserQueen’s site. I used an illustration board ATC that I ordered from Dick Blick. I love having them precut and ready and super sturdy, I take a few with me with a pencil and a few other artist tools that all fit into a small pouch I can toss in my purse. Waiting at the Dr’s. office is now a pleasure. It gives me time to draw and play and come up with fun little concepts in mini art form. The color scheme for this challenge was beyond my comfort zone as Olive Green is not a color I’m drawn to. I used watercolor pencils for Olive in this and like the way the water softened the color, and as it turned out it went rather nicely with the turquoise, as for the black.. black works with everything so I opted to outline little miss mermaid in black in classic illustration style. Once again ~ Happy Tuesday! It’s time for Tammy’s Toys. I’m sharing one of my favorite toys of all times today. Although I haven’t played with them lately I used to play with these Pick Up Sticks quite often. (When I had a bigger desk.) This is actually two sets as I really enjoy a challenge. =) Speaking of challenges.. I have a few on my desk that need addressing so I’m off for now to play a round of Pick Up Sticks and then clean the mess from my desk and get to cracking! See you back here tomorrow… with something very PINK!
Every day needs a pick me up!