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Bunny Hop

♥ Bunny Hop ♥

This is a bunny with attitude. She’s just daring you to even think of taking her carrot. I did the off-centered head on purpose just to see what it would look like and I think it’s rather cute. She’s got the cutest droopiest ears and a love for hopping around her garden. This journal entry is layers of love and fun. I started this by taking some bright pink tissue paper, wadding it up into a ball and then semi smoothing it out. I then adhered it with Mod Podge. I toned down the pink with a water/gesso wash and used a paper towel to pick up the extra unwanted medium. Then it was time for fun! I started the sketch and as always what comes from my pencil is almost always spontaneous. Using acrylic paints with glaze and finishing off the shading with watercolor pencils I had the base of her face done. I added micron pen and charcoal to complete it. She’s suited up in her daily hopping attire which is simply washed on layers of white paint. She stands in a garden of tulips which came from a decorative paper napkin. Extra flowers and leaves were stamped around to give extra garden detail. She’s got a mound of dirt with a carrot nearly ready for pulling and she holds her lunch in her hand. I have to say I really like the whimsical feel of this journal entry. I like her attitude and I really liked trying something different with her. Let me know what you think. Today is grocery day and it’s going to be hot out so I want to get going before it’s too hot! I’ll be back tomorrow for a TGIF show-and-tell!

Coraline’s Garden

Coraline’s Garden

After mulling over this painting for a week I finally decided I wanted to paint Coraline in her garden, where she was happiest. I added button centers to the flowers strung with metallic threads to add sparkle and punch. I used stenciling, stamping, flowers cut from paper doilies, confetti circles, tiny fingernail art stickers, and finger painted some glitters about the garden. I think she turned out pretty sweet. And since it’s summer with flowers blooming all about it’s also quite appropriate. Thankfully our heatwave has taken a vacation and we have a nice overcast day with gray clouds so it looks as though the flowers will be getting watered by Mother Nature. I played late last night in my art journal before watching a few episodes of The Dresden Files… thanks to Netflix! We’ll watch the final episode tonight.  I wasn’t quite ready to get up this morning when I woke up but I did so anyway as I knew that painting awaited and that always lures me up as does the smell of coffee perking, I’ll be pouring my first cup very soon! Happy Tuesday, it’s time to take a peek inside the toy box again this week.

Tammy’s Toys

Yep! We all need a button like this on our keyboards. My keyboard is packed with keys, but this one is the one I wish I could make work. I haven’t yet decided where to put this… it’s got a sticky back that you can peel off so you can put the button where you want. I’m sure I’ll find someplace very creative to put this clever guy. Not quite the same type of button that Coraline has but a button nonetheless. Once I decide this guys final resting place I’ll be sure to share it with you. Until then it sits on my keyboard and I “pretend” to use it when necessary. Get out there and have a great day and I’ll be back here tomorrow to share last night late journal play with you.