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In the Pink


I’m finally “almost” ready to start in on this cardboard shadowbox. I’m going to dress the “doll” up in frills and add some bling to this to make is a silk purse! Tomorrow is dentist day again so I’m hoping to get to this on Wednesday… I did manage to get a bit creative this morning however… I fancied up my fingertips.


See you Wednesday to share my shadowbox progress.

Glam and Chic


Repurposed ceramic tile trivets from the dollar store.


Wires, ribbons, and rhinestones are just the tip of the iceberg on these tiles. I used one of my craft mirrors and some string pearls to create this standing mirror. I added to the mirror by using a white rub on and this totally reminds me of a vanity table mirror I had as a little girl.

Today I’m starting a new painting with a bird as the subject. I’m going to be bees-waxing this one and I’m really looking forward to firing up my melting pot and relaxing to the aroma therapy of melted beeswax as I paint.

Happy June to you all.. I hope your summer is inspired!

All Dolled Up


Some of the cheapest surfaces to paint on that aren’t free are found at the dollar stores. They most always have 6×6” ceramic tile trivets.  Simple paint over them with gesso or collage your own backgrounds on. I opted for black napkins crumpled and adhered over the tiles after painting them black. I did a wash of Metallic pearl white and a smearing of gold glaze before starting anything. As I’m currently working on art for my bedroom gallery wall I thought dress up would be fun.

I found some templates online and …


Started creating… I’ve a ways to go with this one yet.. but I’ve at least chosen my dress for the ball.


And my bustier’ for the bedroom.  I’m working on giving this mirror more bling and adding more interest to the background.. along with adding yumminess to the wearable’s.

Check back soon to see the progress.

What are you wearing to the ball?

Jenga Vampires


This is my son’s version of grocery day Jenga. I had to grab my camera and snap a picture because I thought it was a hilarious way to make fun and games out of unpacking the grocery bags. It’s towering infoodhno. Yeah… you don’t have to tell me how bad that play on words was. I can hear the groans from here. Winking smile

Moving right along… lets get back to BCA Month. Today is quite fun. Inspired by the twilight movies I made this…


This one is simple yet stunning. I used a white illustration board ATC and dripped red acrylic paint from the top. Then I cut the body from black glitter paper and dripped more red paint. After adhering the body to the background I used black jute and strung the vampire teeth beads glued them in place and they are ready to take a bite out of breast cancer!

Recycled Journal Page


This journal entry started when I was cleaning up from my “I Need Chocolate” painting. I had finished painting the back of the wood panel with Berry Wine and had quite a bit of paint left on my makeshift palette. Rather than let it go to waste I decided to grab a paper towel. I noticed it had a decorative edge which made me smile as I knew I could emphasize it. I laid the towel flat on my desk and sprayed it with a misting of water. Then I started dabbing on the left over Berry paint. Alternating the paint with spraying more water on the towel the paint started to bleed really nicely. Once the paint was all used up and the towel was “pretty” I dabbed the towel with a cloth towel to soak up excess moisture. When it was dry enough to handle I glued the paper towel down in my art journal and let it dry. I used Stabilo markers on the preexisting decorative edge of the towel and brightened the colors to make them ‘P0P’ I used yellow paint to add the dots to the flowers along with the colors on the towel the yellow changed colors accordingly so it turned out very nice. I used a stencil sponge and black rubber stamping ink to stencil the word “Life.” Next comes the fun part… writing down whatever words popped into my head that related to life. The page has a nice “fabric” type feel to it and it’s soft to touch. I’m happy with how it turned out. =) Happy Hump Day! I hope your creative juices are flowing like a river! I’d love to know what you’re up to so leave me a comment and let me know! I’d LOVE to hear from you.

I Have Your Heart

I Have Your Heart

This sassy little heart is created from a recycled shipping envelope. I had not idea that you could get such awesome envies until I got this one in the mail. Of course I saved it and put it in my recycle drawer. Yesterday while playing I had glued down the heart paper as a background for my journal entry and then I started digging through my “green” drawer and rediscovered this envelope! I knew right then how this journal entry would play out. I used the back side of the envelope, so thankfully I still have a full side to play with. The flowers are cut from the envie as are the leaves. I used gel pen on the edges and my aqua brush to blend a bit. The red hearts are stenciled on using a stencil sponge with rubber stamping ink, and the blue hearts are rubber-stamped. It was really an easy peazy piece of pie! Which reminds me I’m going to make banana bread today! And if I need to whisk my eggs I’ll be using one of Tammy’s Toys! Yep! It’s 2sday again and time for Show & Tell. Here’s this weeks:

Tammy’s Toys Tuesday

See you back tomorrow so I can share some more creativity with you! My comments section has been fixed so if you’d like to leave a comment I will love you all forever!

Check Mate

Check Mate

I’ve had this sitting on my desk half finished for well over a week. Today it called to me. I had planned to use black, white, & red. But before I started in with the red I set it aside and worked on some ATCs. I looked up and there was a bottle of turquoise paint sitting right next to it and it hit me. I HAD to use it, and I’m very happy I did. It’s got pizazz! I used my usual plethora of paints and pretties while creating this mini 4×4″ eye candy. I had planned to play with my bee drawing today but this hollered at me and I think the bee will bee-gin tomorrow. The weather is sweltering hot so we aimed the air conditioner to where we’re sitting so it makes it nice and cool to create and hubs can game online with a cool breeze at his back. That about wraps it up of now, I have another mini 4×4 that pestered me for attention so I’m playing her some overdue TLC and THEN the bee! Let the games Bee-gin! See you hopefully tomorrow.


♥ Tweedles ♥
More messing around with ATCs while I wait for my new vision to arrive at the Dr’s Office. I’ll be sure to take a picture of my new specs when I get them. It’s weird to look at an ATC in such a large size. This picture is actually 4 times larger than the actual card. I’ve been playing with the theme of Alice in Wonderland and this one got a little wacky and fun. We all giggled at it here. Tomorrow will be the Queen of Hearts, I was going to post her today buy my eyes got all buggy. So we went grocery shopping instead. (And I managed to pick up a few paints and a package of ATCs to continue my Alice theme. Since tomorrow’s going to be hotter than today and it’s hot enough for air conditioning at the moment getting errands done prior to any heat-wave is always a plus for me. I’ve been buying P.F. Chang’s on grocery shopping day and whipping it up for dinner with a cup of instant rice neatly placed on the using a measuring cup to scoop it out and make it look fancy on the side. It’s a SUPER easy way to make a fast and stress-less dinner after having shopped and put away all the food. Zero stress factor food at a decent price. AND.. it really does taste awesome. That’s it for now. I DID buy some new stronger readers so I’ll be testing them out to see if I can actually do some art. But for now, It’s time to rest my ankle. See you soon…. And please, share your your super easy fast and yummy dinner ideas with me! Anything that keeps me painting longer and cooking less right now is extremely welcome! Hee!

Golden Rose

♥ Golden Rose ♥

Another ATC fresh from the worlds tiniest easel.I made this ATC with the help of plenty of eye drops given to me by the Dr. (given meaning… that’ll be $12.00 please.) This ATC is for the Week 8 challenge at Eraser Queens challenge blog. I couldn’t wait to do this challenge as I’m a real sucker for anything PINK! But if you frequent my blog you know my passion for pink. The challenge was to use the colors Rose, White, and Gold. I think I pulled it off rather well. And now my eyes are exhausted. The Dr. found a few clouds in the photos of my right eye so I had to make an appointment upon his insistence with my family Dr. I have to wait for the papers for my blood panel to show up before I can do that. Then I go to my Dr. on the 31st of August. This year has been a non-stop trip to one doctor or another. Then I have to go back to my eye Dr in 3 months for a check on my dry eyes. He said they were the driest eyes he’d ever seen, which by no means surprises me as they constantly feel like sand paper.  My ankle Dr moved my appointment from this Friday to next Tuesday so I have that to “look forward to” /sigh. My calendar is now booked through November with one appointment or another with Dr visits. Not to mention follow up appointment to find out what’s causing the clouds in my eyes. I hope you’re clear eyed and focused! Until tomorrow.. I’m off to rest my eyes with a cold cloth laid over them for a few. Have a great hump day! And EAT your carrots!

Some Days it’s the Pits

Some Days it’s the Pits

Especially on Mondays! I LOVE this gal. I sketched her out so fast on the wooden canvas that I was amazed at what came out of the pencil. My first thought was to go completely “Goth” with her… but I kept pausing when I tried. Then I looked at the new collage papers I bought and I saw the cherries! YES! I knew right away what was going to become of this mini 4×4″. What a blast! I love that she looks like she’s got the biggest tude’ going on…. and yes some days it really is the pits. Those are the days you want to crawl back into bed and read, sleep, cry, eat peanut butter out of the jar, and cover your head with a blanket. Thankfully those days don’t happen too often so when they do the peanut butter isn’t too much of a guilty pleasure.This is a great piece to give a friend who’s going through a “pity” time. It’s cheery enough to bring a smile, and attitude-ey enough to get the message across letting her know that “yep”… I understand!  I hope your Monday isn’t a bowl full of pits! I hope you have a cherry of a day! See you back tomorrow for more creative cherry juice!